Ajwa Honey


Ajwa Al Medina Dates And Seeds is Crushed into a Powder
then Added to Local Raw Honey (Ajwa Dates Infused In Honey)  Giving you our Own unique
Blend of Ajwa Honey.

We are the 1st in South Africa To make
this honey.


Benefits : Cardio Cleanse , Assists in increasing Libido, Natural
Energy ,


Directions : Have 1 Teaspoon Daily


Ajwa Dates Infused In Honey


Background Phoenix dactylifera is an instinctive plant, cultivated worldwide especially in Arab regions being an edible nutritious fruit. For this plant, Ajwa date fruit variety is distinguished among all varieties due to its richness of sugar, dietary fiber, essential mineral and vitamin contents. The unique phytochemical profile of Ajwa dates have potential to cure different diseases. Scope and Approach This manuscript provides an overview on pharmacological and nutritional aspects exclusively for Ajwa dates. The excellent phytochemicals profile placed Ajwa dates at top among other date varieties. Recently, new in vitro and in vivo studies prove the effectiveness of Ajwa dates. However, quantitative studies are need to understand the protective actions of Ajwa dates. Key Findings and Conclusions Ajwa fruit pits are also enriched with dietary fibers, lipids, minerals, and proteins. Ajwa dates are consumed not only for dietary purposes but also used for their medicinal effects against different ailments. Phytochemical studies have showed that Ajwa flesh and pits are enriched with certain phenolic and flavonoids, which have multiple effects on human health due to their strong antioxidant properties. Preclinical studies revealed that Ajwa dates have strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, hepato-protective, nephroprotective and anti-cancer activities.


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